Thin Mint Sprint 10/03/2015
Thin Mint Sprint 10/03/2015

Yesterday, I participated in a 5K sponsored by Girl Scouts called the Thin Mint Sprint.  Originally, I was going to run the 10K in order to submit a time to help my corral placement at the Disney Princess Half Marathon, however, I realized I was in no way ready to run that race fast enough to actually make an improvement in my starting corral, so I switched down to the 5K.  It really was a beautiful day, the sun was shining but it was only in the 60’s.  I was feeling pretty motivated to do a decent job.  I was a little concerned, because this week I haven’t been able to run because last week, I injured my right second toe.  There was a blood blister beneath the toenail, and then the entire toe was a little bruised.  Being a diabetic, I worry about my feet, so I just wanted to make sure it didn’t get worse, or get infected.  I took it easy this week though, and my toe didn’t look any worse, so off I went to run the race!

IMG_1220I started off feeling pretty strong.  I planned to do my 30:90 run/walk intervals, as I had been successful with that last week in my training run, taking off several minutes from my time.  I realized, however, that I was going too fast during my first mile.  I was really feeling it.  One of the things I realized was that having my husband with me is how I keep on a steady pace.  If you look at my training runs, my splits are pretty even.  I was at 15:02 at mile one and I knew this didn’t really bode well for me, since my average mile time is about 17:30.  I got pretty discouraged at that point, and I thought about quitting.  The only thing that kept me from quitting was probably that I had to get back to the starting area in order to leave, so, I might as well finish!  I have had that problem on some runs, where I am just really questioning what the heck I am doing.  Because I am overweight, running makes things jiggle and it is not always pleasant.  I know I am improving, I know it will get better, but in the actual moment, I sometimes have a hard time going forward.

IMG_1226I did finish, and I shaved another two minutes off my time.  I didn’t feel horrible physically, and mentally, of course, I was proud of myself.  I was not able to stick with my 30:90 intervals, so I was pretty surprised I shaved time off my best, but I will take it.  One good thing to come out of this is my husband also realized how important he is to my process, at least right now.  He has stepped up to the plate and he has agreed to run all my races with me until the Disney Princess Half.  Considering the issues he has with his knees, it really shows me how much he loves me.

When we first got to the race site, I was grumbling to my husband that if I was getting up early in the morning to run a race by Girl Scouts called the Thin Mint Sprint, I should be getting some Girl Scout cookies.  I mentioned it several times actually, from when I registered, up until race day.  When I checked in and got my race bib and packet, guess what I got?!?

IMG_3541Yep!  Will run for cookies!  ***I should point out even though I was so excited to get the cookies, I gave them to my son when I got home, because I didn’t want to negate all the efforts I have been putting in, but next year I am running this race and I am keeping my Thin Mints!


Tonight, after work and after the Gators nearly made me open that Italian moscato d’asti hanging out in my refrigerator, I went out for my weekly outside run.  Last week, I ran a 5K in 58:34.  I was attempting to do 1:1 run:walk intervals, but I found that very difficult, and I skipped a couple (several) of the running intervals.  I did a little bit more reading, and I found where many people were able to achieve better results by altering their run walk ratio.  I decided to give it a shot, and it was amazing how much better things went.  I felt stronger, and that in turn made me go faster, and so on.  I switched to a 30 second run: 90 second walk pattern, and voila!

IMG_3526Almost 5 full minutes off my time in 1 week!  Obviously this was not because of someone sprinkling pixie dust on my admittedly gorgeous hot pink New Balances, the run/walk ratio just fit me better.  Not only do I think the time I was running was faster, but I was able to walk faster as well.  The boost I got mentally from not having to skip any of the running intervals was noticable.  I would rather run shorter time and feel successful than struggle with running longer time and feel discouraged.

FullSizeRenderHubby and I really did feel great doing this together.  We don’t really talk, but it is really helpful to have him right there with me, believing in me, and supporting me.  He has issues with the anatomy of his knees, so running is definitely my thing, but he is hanging in there with me for now, just to be the amazing man and husband he is best at being!  I do realize as my training starts to kick up and I have to run longer distances, he might not be able to stay with me because of his physical issues but I wouldn’t be able to accomplish half the things I do without his support and belief in me.  Sometimes, I think he believes in me more than I believe in myself.

In terms of my splits, the first mile was 16:35, the second mile was 16:55, and the third mile was 16:42.  This was fairly equal, so I am happy with that.  We are running on the sidewalk around where we live, and there are some slight hills, so I think we kept a pretty steady pace.  The very best part of all of this is my first Disney race is still 144 days away, I am at the beginning of my training, and I am already close to the 16 min/mile pace I have to maintain.  I am encouraged that with continued training and weight loss, I will be properly prepared, and I am so excited!

Now, if anyone wants to help me try to convince my husband I should sign up for this on October 6th, I would appreciate it!