Two races I had eagerly been anticipating did not end up working out as planned.  Those two races were the Houston and Austin Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 5Ks.


October 31 was the date of the Houston SBK 5K.  My husband and I had a reservation at a hotel downtown, not far from the race location, and we set off Friday afternoon to head to our room, hoping for a nice, relaxing evening in a nice hotel, and a great time the next morning.  We started our drive, and it was very slow going.  We know Austin has traffic so we anticipated that, however, we were not anticipating getting about 20 miles out of Austin and being turned back around because the deluge of rain had caused one of the bridges on the main road connecting Austin and Houston was flooded.

We drove back to Austin, down to San Antonio, and then came on I 10 from San Antonio to Houston.  The drive should have taken us about 3 hours, but we spent 7 hours on the road.  By the time we got to the hotel, we were completely exhausted.  We did very little other than check in and try to get some rest.


I didn’t sleep very well at all, but still, we were up, bright and early to get ready for the race.  I was excited, laid my gear all out to get ready, and then I happened to check my email…


the race was cancelled.  Houston continued to experience a lot of rain, and there was also concerns about thunderstorms/lightning.  So much for that race.  That was definitely an expensive overnight trip to Houston!


Fast forward to November 15th when it was time for the Austin SBK 5K.


The afternoon prior to this race, my husband and I went for a nice 4 mile walk on the Brushy Creek trail near our home.  It is paved, and just a very pleasant way to spend some time together and get some exercise.  During that walk, I somehow tweaked my hip.  I didn’t remember doing anything specific to it, but at the end of the walk, it just hurt.  I figured I would get some rest, and the next day surely I would be fine.  Nope.


We got to downtown Austin, and the whole experience was very emotional for me.  It was definitely the biggest race I had participated in thus far, and I was both overwhelmed at the number of people and very excited to run in this race that has personal significance for me.


We get in the starting area and as we get ready to run around the capitol building (a gorgeous site and cool experience) I feel extreme pain in my hip.  Extreme to the point that I was limping just trying to walk.  Great.


So, as this pain was not subsiding, my husband and I did the 1 mile fun walk/run instead of the full 5K.  I still had some positive experiences from this event, the announcers called me out by name as I crossed the finish line, and the race really honored survivors with some nice touches, including a beautiful pink rose at the finish line and a gorgeous handmade bracelet crafted by Girl Scouts for the survivors, but I felt a bit hollow about the race because I was unable to run and I was unable to do the entire 5K distance.  Bummer, dude.


I am hopeful that next year, these events will end up with a much happier ending, as I will likely participate in both Austin and Houston events again, but overall, the take home positive is that six years after my diagnosis, I am here, working on fitness, a better life, and writing this blog, which is a vastly superior outcome to the alternative.