Run Like a Pirate Virtual 5K

11215513_10207467437828723_3089865213045730676_nToday, my husband accompanied me on my first virtual run.  We “Ran Like Pirates” on National Talk Like a Pirate day for a 5K.  It was my first outside run since I got my Garmin 610, and my second outside run total, my first being the first 5K I ran back at the beginning of August.  I don’t really know how fast pirates run, but I imagine I ran very much as well as a pirate who has been drinking his grog all night long after pillaging and other such pirate endeavors.  You can interpret that to mean, I didn’t go very fast.

12047132_10207467437908725_8513162157611750139_nI clearly have a long ways to go before it is Disney time.  The biggest problem I have is one I suspected I might have: running outside is significantly different (harder!) than running on a treadmill.  All of my training has been inside on a treadmill, and this lovely little excursion was rough.  First of all, it is quite amazing to me how flat you can think the land around you is…until you have to run it.  I thought I lived in a pretty flat place which would make it easy to jog and train around here.  In a car, it feels pretty darn flat.  Running around here today however, I felt like this:

13It really isn’t much of an exaggeration, either.  Anyway, I am proud of myself and my lousy time, and I am glad I finished the 5K distance without stopping or puking.  I did a lot of walking, I tried to keep to the run/walk ratio of 1:1 however, I did find myself walking through several of the run portions.  I am going to take the positive and keep building upon it.  I have a race (mostly 5K’s) every other weekend for the next couple of months, so I am going to just seek to improve my time and endurance.  Even on the weekends I do not have a race, I will be running outside.  My trainer would like me to use the treadmill for my interval training because it is specific and reproducible to measure my results, and so I shall, however, I am doing my outside runs too, or I will never be prepared for any of my races.

Shiver me timbers, matey, we are one step closer to sprinkling on some pixie dust and running at Disney!  Arrggghhh!


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